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All existing life members of Indian rheumatology association are eligible to apply for life membership of MRA

Members of the medical profession with registrable qualifications with the Medical council of India and with some demonstrable interest in rheumatology and Members of the Para-Medical services (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Social Workers, Vocational Counsellors, Prosthetics), specialist rheumatology nurses and basic research scientist with interest in rheumatology may enrol as Associate Members of MRA. Associate Members will not be eligible to vote and will not be able to serve on the Executive Committee, but would enjoy the other privileges of the Association.

Overseas Professionals with post-graduate qualifications and predominantly engaged in practice and/or training and research in rheumatology may be enrolled as Overseas Life Members. Overseas Members will not be eligible to vote or serve on the executive committee, but would enjoy the other privileges of Membership of MRA.

Distinguished personalities in India or abroad in the field of Rheumatology and allied disciplines, may be accepted as Honorary Members. Such Honorary members shall be elected by the General Body of the Association by a two-third majority. Honorary Members shall not be eligible to vote or serve on the Executive Committee but would enjoy the other privileges of Membership of MRA.

Membership Fees
The membership fees for all forms of membership is Rupees 2000/-.
The fee is for life time membership. The executive committee reserves the right to change the fee and renewal structure at any notice.

Payment Details
Please pay by Cheque/Demand Draft - in favor of 'Member of Rheumatology Association'
Account No : 60306896047
Account Name : Member of Rheumatology association
Bank : Bank of Maharashtra
IFSC : MAHB0000822
Branch : Sangamwadi